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Router power-cut troubles : fixed !


I use a netgear router to power my home wi-fi network. The router and the adsl modem, which it is connected to are both powered by a 500va UPS.

But during power cuts, although the adsl modem would work fine, the netgear router would go into a loop of reboots. Impacting my wi-fi network. And this did not occur at all the time, but most of the times.

Until I could find a permanent fix for the problem, which probably is being caused by the inability of my UPS to provide sine wave supply to the router, so a cheap and good solution might be to change the power adaptor of the netgear router. I thought of an interim solution. I put a voltage stabilizer in between the UPS and the netgear router and this has fixed my problem for the time being !



November 6, 2009 Posted by | Technical | , , , | 1 Comment