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Router power-cut troubles : fixed !


I use a netgear router to power my home wi-fi network. The router and the adsl modem, which it is connected to are both powered by a 500va UPS.

But during power cuts, although the adsl modem would work fine, the netgear router would go into a loop of reboots. Impacting my wi-fi network. And this did not occur at all the time, but most of the times.

Until I could find a permanent fix for the problem, which probably is being caused by the inability of my UPS to provide sine wave supply to the router, so a cheap and good solution might be to change the power adaptor of the netgear router. I thought of an interim solution. I put a voltage stabilizer in between the UPS and the netgear router and this has fixed my problem for the time being !



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Help DonateYourPC and win Google Invites !!



Google Wave

Google Wave

Still waiting for that elusive (and exclusive!) invite for Google Wave. Here is your chance to win it and trust me it doesn’t get any easier! All you need to do is help DYPC in spreading the word about this concept of PC donation and the site itself. Read More…

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