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Installing apps on Live Android

After playing around with the liveandroid instance on my Virtualbox VM, it was time to try out installing some apps.

Few basic things first:

  1. For switching to the console mode / terminal screen press : Alt-F1
  2. For switching back to the GUI mode from console mode press : Alt-F7

I read about how to install apps here.

Android apps are files ending with .apk. And all that is needed to install the app is to copy the *.apk file to the /system/app folder. Image-1 shows how my /system/app folder looks like after I have installed a few apps.

So the only task remains is downloading the apps and copying them to the /system/app folder. For downloading apps try any of the following:

  1. Download the AndAppStore Client – and use this client to browse and install apps. I find this as the best way.
    1. Either wget http://download.funkyandroid.net/SoftwareDirectory-1_3_0.apk
    2. Or, click on http://andappstore.com/AndroidApplications/apps/125845!download
    3. Ensure that the SoftwareDirectory-1_3_0.apk is copied to the /system/app folder
    4. Switch back to the GUI view (Alt-F7) and go to the menu screen, and you can see the AndAppStore Client – Seen as Software Directory (See image-2)
  2. You could also browse apps at http://www.cyrket.com/
    1. Download the apps directly from the browser
    2. The apk file is downloaded to /sdcard/download
    3. Switch to console mode (Press Alt-F1 )
    4. cp /sdcard/download/* /ststem/app/
    5. chown 1000:1000 /system/app
    6. Switch to the GUI mode (Press Alt-F7) – That is it, you should be able to see your app !





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